Our Own Royal Courts

I find the lavish official state dinners, White House dinners, inauguration balls, and assorted similar gatherings to be akin to the holding of royal court – especially when the President is the center of attention or even the host.   

Thus I was delighted to see Dana Milbank of the Washington Post criticize the rather court-like White House Correspondents’ Association dinner hosted by the Fourth Branch of government.  This quote doesn’t do the piece justice, so I recommend the entire piece:

The correspondents’ association dinner was a minor annoyance for years, when it was a “nerd prom” for journalists and a few minor celebrities. But, as with so much else in this town, the event has spun out of control. Now, awash in lobbyist and corporate money, it is another display of Washington’s excesses.

3 thoughts on “Our Own Royal Courts

  1. Clearly there are differences between the royal court and our admittedly more democratic version. But they both stink of a certain aristocracy (and not the natural type), excess, and corruption — especially when the dance of the balls and dinner table turns into the dance of corporatism and the granting of legal favors the next day (with the media hardly doing their job of exposing this to the light of day in most instances).

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