Is Atlas Shrugged Coming to a Theatre Near You?

If the answer is no, here’s a link where you can help create an incentive for a local cinema to show the film.  In true Randian (and Smithian) fashion, it is not out of altruism that the typical theatre is going to show Atlas Shrugged but out of the self-interested desire to earn a profit (of course, in doing so, the theatre is also going to satisfy your preferences and everyone involved with the transaction will be better off).  So, please — out of self-interest or even out of altruistic feelings for the rest of us (I think the Objectivists will give you a pass this one time!) – give the theatre owner a reason to show Shrugged on April 15th by clicking on that link and asking for the movie to be shown in your area!*

* No, we haven’t forgotten about the collective action problem.  Nor do I promise the film will be great – I haven’t seen it and hold out hope that it will be wonderful.

One thought on “Is Atlas Shrugged Coming to a Theatre Near You?

  1. You have to go to the “About” tab on the main movie site, then to “Theaters & Tickets” to see where it’s showing. It is probably worth the 45-minute drive for me.

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