Costs of War II – Libya Edition – Hell no, our dollars shouldn’t go

An update on the price of the Libyan conflict.  From CNN Money:

With the tab already running into the hundreds of millions of dollars, the U.S. military intervention in Libya has sparked a debate over funding.

To date, the United States has spent some $225 million firing Tomahawk missiles, according to CNN estimates based on U.S. Navy figures.

The cost could reach up to $800 million to fully establish the no-fly zone and another $100 million a week to maintain it going forward, said Zack Cooper, a senior analyst for the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

In defense of the national interest, fine.  More than fine.  But to satisfy the dubious arguments of the liberal interventionists?! 

Hell no, our dollars shouldn’t go.

One thought on “Costs of War II – Libya Edition – Hell no, our dollars shouldn’t go

  1. And the thing is, I’m pretty sure the allies that most wanted this to go can pretty much knock on Boeings door and buy their own cruise missiles (or whatever US armament they want). So, why not? If France wants Libya to change why check in with us? If Frances happiness is in our national interest, we could subsidize a blue light special for them. But… Qaddafi has been evil since the 1970s why is it now suddenly so important that our immediate action is required?

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