Feminist International Relations Theory and Libya

For those of you that lived through the feminist challenge to traditional IR theory in the 1990’s, David Gergen reports on a relevant observation in his CNN piece today:

One irony, as a female friend put it, is that for years many of us believed that if only more women could gain power, the world would surely become more peaceful. Yet, we now see that the three people who talked Obama into using force against Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi were all women — Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power. Leading male advisers were opposed. Perhaps we should be less surprised than we are. Remember Margaret Thatcher? And Golda Meir? And remember, too, that both were seen as successful leaders for most of their time in office.

Never bought this particular variant (there are different types of feminist IR) in the first place, but this “anecdata” and her response to it are interesting.  I’ll certainly add this story to my next lecture on feminist theory.

3 thoughts on “Feminist International Relations Theory and Libya

  1. Suggesting women who rise to power in a patriarchal system do so by outmanning (and emasculating?) the men would be trite yeah?

  2. Sarah Palin may be the most aggressive of all the Republican candididates, the least sympathetic towards non-Americans and peace protesters, and may have the most difficult time understanding the ramifications of military actions.

  3. Preventing a series of reprisals against civilians will save more lives than enabling a protracted civil war? Where’s an actuary when you need one?

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