The Care of the Elderly Under Socialism

 European commentators on US healthcare are often misguided in their description of the American system as a ‘free market’ model - when that system involves significant levels of government regulation and funding. Equally, American commentators are often misguided in their accounts of ‘socialist’ healthcare in Europe. Europe contains a diversity of healthcare systems. Some, such … Continue reading The Care of the Elderly Under Socialism

Local Option

Harry Reid of Nevada wants to outlaw brothels state-wide.  Not surprising given that he is a scold and centralizer - among the worst combinations in an American politician (though scolds on their own have a place to play in a free society in which social change should come from the use of reason, speech, and disapprobation).   Critics … Continue reading Local Option

Free trade for the Pacific

A couple of weeks ago, one of the NZ student delegates to the US NZ Future Partners Forum popped in asking about the Trans Pacific Partnership. Since he offered me a decent beer, I was happy to have a chat. In 2005, New Zealand joined with Brunei, Singapore and Chile in a free trade zone … Continue reading Free trade for the Pacific

Wisconsin Update: Who Gets Thrown Under the Bus?

The drama continues in Madison as Governor Walker and the GOP majorities try to find a means of moving forward without conceding to protestors. Absent a quorum, the Senate cannot vote on a budget-repair bill that would significantly limit the collective bargaining for public sector union members and force higher contributions for pensions and health … Continue reading Wisconsin Update: Who Gets Thrown Under the Bus?

“Entitlement Derangement Syndrome”

David French writes of what he calls "Entitlement Derangement Syndrome," which he thinks is motivating what we're seeing in Wisconsin---namely, aggressive protesting over benefits and pensions, as if we had some kind of natural right to them. He likens the Wisconsin protesting to what went on in France last October when they wanted to raise the retirement … Continue reading “Entitlement Derangement Syndrome”

Sorens compared to a supercomputer

Sort of.  Here it is.  Should we start calling him Watson? And thanks to Will Wilkinson of the Economist's "Democracy in America" blog for bringing Jason's series on American exceptionalism to the attention of his readers!  Here is Will's post on it (with kind words as well for Pileus as a whole).