Will 2011 be thought of in the future as something akin to 1848 in the sense of a year of consequential revolutions?  Or is this a blip on the historical radar?  Does it depend on what happens in the Gulf?  China?  Whether Egypt actually changes?  Or is 2011 already a red-letter year in history?

4 thoughts on “1848/2011

  1. Interesting question. The mass demonstrations in Madison, Wisconsin may have greater historical importance, as two sides face-off in the struggle to save American civilization.

  2. My dear Roger, I have but one thing to say to you: what unmitigated self-aggrandizement! It is far too early for 2011 to be marked out as a global milestone just yet and certainly not over the odd senatorial battle in Wisconsin.

    The changes in Egypt have not been so clear cut as many claim as General Suleiman’s control of the Egyptian matter never wavered. Democracy was but a flight of fancy in the streets and never a reality, the status quo in Egypt has been maintained with a mere reshuffling of figureheads. The Egyptian military’s dependence on US military aid will continue our long standing relationship with them and assure no change to the Middle East’s Democracy or outward hatred of Israel (as is well known, the public perception of Israel and the US in the Middle East is worse than the State perception). In the end this pat-on-the-back we Americans have given ourself over Egypt has been just as flippant and inconsequential as the events themselves.

    As far as Wisconsin, it holds much the similar vein as my California; by being highly liberal it trends fastest towards new liberal movements in culture. However, it is not uniqueness, but polarization, that makes these states “first of.” If there was a similar way to examine conservative policies you would find there would be states who similarly push conservative agendas before other states adopt them. Wisconsin’s battle is over a deep change in the culture and feeling of defeat caused by the establishment, it is only a shame that voters have not realized it is both the Democrats and Republicans who are responsible for our failure as a government.

    No, 2011 so far is looking to be going on in a sputter. The media plays in-consequentialities up and our self-worth bristles like a cat against the accusations that we’re not at the center of events. In fact, if 2011 is to be an important year then it is highly unlikely the events to make it will happen here at home.

  3. Alaan, Thank you for your thoughtful response. You took my comment a bit too seriously, for which I fault myself. I do think we are at a tipping point in this country, though it is probably a decades-long tipping point. Our unfunded liabilities exceed Greece and thus the cuts that must be made are of such significance that their will likely be violence in our streets. Not this year, perhaps not next, but within a decade as Americans fight for their “fair share” of diminishing wealth.

    This is not inevitable, but the odds of avoiding it extreme. Wisconsin is an important test of whether public sector unions can continue to exact the resources of the public treasury without any check on their appetites.

    Good points about Egypt.

  4. I am wondering what outcomes are likely in 2011 from:
    United States vetoes Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements
    18 February 2011 – The United States today vetoed a Security Council resolution condemning all Israeli settlements established in occupied Palestinian territory since 1967 as illegal, saying that while it agreed that the settlements are illegitimate the resolution harmed chances for peace talks.

    This res had 130 cosponsors……… ??

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