Libgressive Praises Rand Paul

Nice to see my libgressive friend Rob Farley giving kudos to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  I can’t imagine it will happen too often, so it is noteworthy:

“I will grant that there’s a certain courage in a Kentucky Senator lauding Cassius Marcellus Clay over Henry Clay.”

For what it is worth, here is what Wikipedia says about Cassius Marcellus Clay (the pol, not the boxer – but also the man Ali’s father was named after if Wikipedia can be believed).

I’m with Paul that now is not the time to seek a compromise on the big issues of the day.  Sometimes, as with Henry Clay, it only leads to bigger problems down the road, not to mention a sacrifice of moral principles in the process.  I also think it will be bad politics for the Republicans, though this doesn’t really matter to me.

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