More partisan purity (and nonsense)

A Republican group called the National Republic Trust PAC is withdrawing their previous support from Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and, instead, pledging to defeat him in in the primary next year.  According to the National Journal, the head of the PAC, Scott Wheeler, gives this justification:

We believe the Democrats’ policies are destroying the country. Why let them take a Republican vote with them? If we’re not going to have at least a symbolic vote against some of this garbage, then let’s make the Democrats take the blame for it. It’s their policies,” Wheeler said in a Friday interview. “I say, no more Republican hostages.”

I’d like to get rid of destructive policies, too, but I can’t stomach Republicans who think that purifying the party is going to be the answer to that.  If one thinks that Democratic policies are the problem, one might rationally think that the way to fight the problem is to, you know, elect fewer Democrats.  But no, apparently “letting Democrats take the blame” is more important than actually fighting against the destruction.   What a grown-up attitude.

Even with the anti-Democratic swing in the country, every Congressperson from Massachusetts is a Democrat.  The GOP had a significant increase in the state House of Representatives: the GOP now controls 34 of 160 seats.  In other words, Scott Brown is a fluke.  Why not count one’s blessing and be thankful that sometimes he votes with the GOP?  No Senator from Massachusetts is EVER going to be a solid vote for conservatives.  EEEEEVER. Pursuing the crazy notion that somehow the GOP would be able to shoot the moon again with another candidate is complete nonsense.

What is even more silly is that apparently Brown’s support of New Start was what pushed Wheeler’s group over the edge.  Are you serious?  Of all the issue one might pick to decide to get all self-righteous about, they pick New Start, a treaty supported by quite a few Republicans and an issue murky enough that no crystal clear ideological opposition exists (except for the ideology of always opposing Democrats on everything, no matter what).

I have an idea.  Perhaps Wheeler and has PAC can just sit this election out and put all their funds into a huge party on election night 2012.  They can invite Christine O’Donnell, and Joe Miller and Sharon Angler and all the other ridiculous GOP candidates of previous years, and they can have a WE ARE MORE PURE THAN YOU bash.  Maybe FoxNews can even cover it.  They can wear white, and everyone can marvel at their purity.  After all, isn’t feeling good about themselves what these people are about?

They are certainly not about winning elections.

One thought on “More partisan purity (and nonsense)

  1. When Republicans, such as the Maine sisters Collins and Snowe, support Democrats on legislation or nominations, it provides cover to the Democrats and enables them label Republican opposition as extremist. Sure, Republicans get the votes of Brown and the Maine sister for leadership elections, but otherwise have Republicans support bigger government doesn’t do the cause of liberty much good.

    Defeating liberal Republicans in primaries sends a message to others in office (read: Orrin Hatch) to vote Republican principles or face defeat.

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