Eisner on SOTU

From Marc Eisner in the comments to my post on SOTU:

“The SOTU seemed to provide more evidence of the President’s post mid-term pivot. Things that struck me included: tax reform resulting in simplification and reductions in the corporate tax; bureaucratic streamlining, regulatory reform, and a freeze of domestic discretionary spending. These are not the themes one might have expected in the yonder days of hope and change

Of course, no one can truly believe that a freeze of a relatively small slice of the budgetary pie will make more than a minor dent in the long-term deficit (indeed, the president acknowledged as much). There will have to be significant reforms in all the major entitlement programs (and it is doubtful, once again, that such reform will be sufficient if it works within the parameters stated by the President last evening). I am curious how the numbers will work out (e.g., increased spending on education and infrastructure combined with a freeze in domestic discretionary spending).”

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