Creative destruction in pictures

I was struck by this sad but interesting photo gallery of abandoned buildings in Detroit.  Is this the dark underside of creative destruction, the neglected shadows of shiny buildings in Austin or Palo Alto or Singapore or Seoul or Mumbai or somewhere else?  Maybe Detroit will rise again like a phoenix (now that so many buildings are empty in Phoenix, AZ).  I don’t know.

The photo that really pulled at my heartstrings, though, was the picture below of an abandoned library.   Apparently the city was so mismanaged that they couldn’t even find a home for the books.  Perhaps there are plans to re-open one day? Let’s hope.  It is a painful image to those who love books and who love libraries.

Maybe I’m wrong, but this picture looks a lot more like government failure than creative destruction.  Would an art gallery going out of business leave all of its paintings on the walls?  Would a grocery store that shuts down leave all of its food stores on the shelves?  Would a hospital leave patients lying in the beds (OK, a little extreme, but you get my idea).

To someone who would rather spend a week in a nice library than at an amusement park, it is a sad image indeed.

HT: Marginal Revolution

2 thoughts on “Creative destruction in pictures

  1. That is indeed a sad photo for those of us raised with a love of books. I suppose this is indeed a sign of creative destruction. Students seem to have much less use for libraries these days.

  2. It saddens me to see books wasting away like that. How could anyone waste such a resource when there are schools and communities that would be more than happy to give these books space.

    The amazing part is that the people of Detroit see their government do this, and fail in so many ways, and continue to vote for the same party over and over again. Since 1962 Detroit mayor has been a Democrat. Maybe they should try something different.

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