Sunday Morning Quotation – Happy Meal Edition

Three cheers for the common sense of Denise Bobcombe in response to the so-called danger Happy Meals present to children: “Are you going to be the parent or are you going to let your kids run you?”

Unfortunately, this sense isn’t ubiquitous, leading one person to launch a class-action lawsuit against McDonald’s because of the Happy Meal.  See the story here.

One thought on “Sunday Morning Quotation – Happy Meal Edition

  1. This is amazing. The woman behind the law suit said something like “I want my children to be able to make healthy choices about food.”

    This is so wrong and confused on so many levels. Aside from the obvious point—Ummm, if you don’t want your kids to eat it, don’t buy it—there is the broader point that we need to fight against people who want to make better choices by forcing the state to limit everyone’s choices.

    There is the old public choice idea that one way to avoid the free-rider problem is to arrange for third-party enforcement. But for this to be efficient (or ethical, for that matter) it needs to chosen ex-ante by the participants, not forced on them by others. The scary thing is not that some fool files a frivolous law suit, it is that governments do this kind of thing all the time (take the whole FDA as an example).

    Death to the Nanny State!

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