And Grover, this is the hand of tyranny…

I just though Grover might appreciate a riff on his post.

The guy who was recently escorted out of the airport (with a hefty fine, if I recall) had made the simple statement: “Don’t touch my junk.” Maybe it’s just me, but this doesn’t seem to be an overly unreasonable request in an age of full body scans. At what point does Terrorism Theatre run its course?

3 thoughts on “And Grover, this is the hand of tyranny…

  1. The terrorists have won when we allow ourselves to disintegrate to this ineffective hysterical response to them. We must demand a more reasoned and effective deterrent response from our government. Moreover, I would suggest that a private entity with loss of contract and liability at risk would mount a better response.

  2. Yet another aspect of this absurdity that I do not understand is the psychology of the people who conduct these searches. What kind of person can bring himself to grope and fondle strangers like this? Even if I believed that it somehow enhanced our “security,” I simply could not make myself do this to other people. How do these people justify their actions to themselves?

  3. I fully support this guy, but I will also say that I find the modern habit of referring to male genitals as “junk” to be infinitely depressing.

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