Solving the Budget Deficit

Taking up commenter Bill Bachofner’s challenge, I’m posting my personal solution to the federal deficit using that nifty tool at the NY Times. I ended all short- and long-term deficits with no tax increases (except reducing employers’ health insurance tax deduction) and without raising the Social Security retirement age. Here’s the link. Of course, much of this is politically infeasible right now.

3 thoughts on “Solving the Budget Deficit

  1. Well done……….. my own includes 59% from spending cuts and 41% from tax increases … my bottom two figures as compared with yours were $773 billion ($437 billion) & $2,021 billion ($1,405 billion)…….. these monies I would immediately put into redoing our infastructure…..

    As an aside I saved my choices as a PDF yours was viewable as html, will you advise me how you saved it as such?

    Again, thanks for putting your ideas out there for consideration and review.

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