Weekend Reading Suggestions

1.  Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute has a new policy paper that makes the case for the pending Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with South Korea.  Bottom line up front: "Although the accord is not perfect, it would substantially increase access to the South Korean market. Both the Republic of Korea and the United States would … Continue reading Weekend Reading Suggestions

TGIF. The Week in Review (Video Edition)

After a tough week of work, many of us wonder: “What did I miss?” Here are few videos to review the week’s events and allow a mindless transition into the weekend. Anything I missed? On the Social Front Todd Seavey proves (much to Helen Rittelmeyer’s dismay) that old love dies hard during a C-Span panel … Continue reading TGIF. The Week in Review (Video Edition)

Should We Go to the Moon Again?

The Moon may have more water on it than we thought, according to several new studies based on analysis of a recent NASA experiment.  This leads the Wall Street Journal to speculate that the finding "may bolster the case for a manned base on the lunar surface." So, should we boldly go where some men have already gone? No, no, no. … Continue reading Should We Go to the Moon Again?

Jimmy Carter: the Gift that Keeps on Giving

In these days of youthful experimentation with witchcraft (thank you Ms. O’Donnell),  “homosexual brainwashing” (thank you Mr. Paladino), and flirtations with  the pagan god named “Aqua Buddha” (thank you Mr. Paul), it is refreshing to know that, once again, Jimmy Carter was ahead of the curve.  As Patrick Gavin notes in a piece entitled “Carter’s … Continue reading Jimmy Carter: the Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Flummoxing Tea Partiers

David Boaz at Cato discusses the fact that the Tea Party phenomenon---and it is a phenomenon---continues to "freak out" commentators on the Left. He writes (preserving his links and italics): With a few rare exceptions like [Jonathan] Rauch and John Judis, non-conservative intellectuals are just freaked out by a mass movement against big government. Jill … Continue reading The Flummoxing Tea Partiers

Buying Votes

To channel Captain Renault in Casablanca, I'm shocked, shocked that politicians would behave like this: Democrats are making a pre-election pitch to give Social Security recipients a one-time payment of $250, part of a larger effort to convince senior voters that their party, and not Republicans, will best look out for the 58 million people who get … Continue reading Buying Votes