Sven’s Expectations Game—Extended Edition

Sven has done an excellent job of predicting the generally accepted wisdom as it will be expressed in the next weeks/months. Let me extend the “narrative” (I hate using the term, but tenure carries certain responsibilities). Yes, there are the crazy GOP candidates (and yes, even accounting for the media’s selection bias, you got to … Continue reading Sven’s Expectations Game—Extended Edition

The expectations game

Most media stories in recent weeks have been about the upcoming gains Republicans are supposed to make in Congress next week.  One might conclude from these stories that Republicans are winning in the expectations game.  I think they are losing it. The expectations game is important, it seems to me, for two reasons.  First expectations … Continue reading The expectations game

Who “Absorbs” Carl Schmitt?

So, I thought it was conservatives and Republicans who internalized German philosopher Carl Schmitt and his concept of the political?* President Obama: "And if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, we're gonna punish our enemies and we're gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us, if they don't see that … Continue reading Who “Absorbs” Carl Schmitt?

Rants About the Local Public School

My oldest child started kindergarten this year, and my wife and I have already had numerous occasions to question the sanity of our decision to use a public school.  I think my issues with the local public school are worthy of comment because they are probably commonly faced by fellow Americans rather than particular to my case.  Here are some recent developments that have been a source of much consternation … Continue reading Rants About the Local Public School

American Exceptionalism Reconsidered, Pt. 2: The Size of the State

In this second part of a series of posts on American exceptionalism, I consider the common claim by the American right that the American state is particularly small relative to those of other advanced democracies, and that this fact helps to constitute a desirable "American exceptionalism," featuring higher economic growth and more respect for individual … Continue reading American Exceptionalism Reconsidered, Pt. 2: The Size of the State

109 Year Old Lightbulb

This is cool.  There is a lightbulb in Livermore, California that is 109 years old and has been in use for almost the entire time (only off when it has been moved between buildings).  I wish most of the things I bought today had a life span 1/10th of that of this bulb (assuming it would not raise the cost … Continue reading 109 Year Old Lightbulb