Sven’s Expectations Game—Extended Edition

Sven has done an excellent job of predicting the generally accepted wisdom as it will be expressed in the next weeks/months. Let me extend the “narrative” (I hate using the term, but tenure carries certain responsibilities).

Yes, there are the crazy GOP candidates (and yes, even accounting for the media’s selection bias, you got to admit…). But the real story is the influx of foreign money and the way the Right simply outspent the Democrats, under the direction of the omniscient , omnipotent, and omnipresent Karl Rove (Don’t concern yourself that this is a myth—as Politico reports today in a fine piece that suggests the Left has the financial advantage).  Back to the “narrative”…

When GOP candidates win control of the Congress, it will not do so to the extent many suspected (hence a victory for the Democrats). But what victory exists will be a product of big business lucre channeled to the GOP (thank you Citizens United, Puppet master Karl Rove, et al), combined with the racism, jingoism, “christianism,” and general idiocy of the great unwashed (read: midwesterners and southerners).

Now when the Congress fails to pass legislation that could not make it through even under the masterful guidance of Pelosi and Reid, we will hear of Republican obstructionism (“Car is in the ditch, we are working to get it out. The Republicans are drinking cocktails and looking down at us.”)  If only the nation had unified control, things would be better…

But wait, things will improve as concerns over regime uncertainty diminish. Business, convinced that the era of constant experimentation has drawn to a close, will start to invest the trillions of dollars it is currently hording.  Economic growth will ensue.  Or, as it will be reported, “Despite GOP obstructionism, President Obama’s policies have finally met expectations with growth rates that no one would have imagined just a few years ago.”

This interpretation will occur…let’s see…in the months leading up to the 2012 election, as the media is once again equating the GOP with a new generation of crazies (identities TBA) and some holdovers from the past.

Any corrections to this narrative?



4 thoughts on “Sven’s Expectations Game—Extended Edition

    1. Winning elections is only a small part of winning. The rest is being able to implement a governing agenda and to shape public views on issues.

  1. Actually, I think the pundits have been underestimating the electoral tsunami that will happen on Tuesday. Of course the media will try to spin it against Republicans no matter what happens, but I think a pickup of 80 seats in the house is more likely than the modest gains that the media has been predicting.

  2. Which pundit, Steve? Most of the ones I’ve seen have been taking a Republican recapture of the house as a given.

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