109 Year Old Lightbulb

This is cool.  There is a lightbulb in Livermore, California that is 109 years old and has been in use for almost the entire time (only off when it has been moved between buildings).  I wish most of the things I bought today had a life span 1/10th of that of this bulb (assuming it would not raise the cost substantially).  I wonder what this bulb originally cost, inflation adjusted. 

Meanwhile, we will soon be unable to freely purchase most of the old style incandescent lightbulbs from a consenting seller.  Congress (and President Bush the Second), in all its wisdom, has essentially made such private acts between consenting adults illegal due to the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.  Here is an op-ed against such regulation from a different David Henderson than the one most libertarians know and love.  Stock up now if you don’t like new light sources such as CFLs.

3 thoughts on “109 Year Old Lightbulb

  1. Don’t panic! A German Engineer is selling the HeatBall (Site only in German). His trick: His “new” device is for producing heat in closed rooms. As a sideeffect it’s producing light and due to technical reasons its compatible with normal bulb fittings. His claim: The best invention after the lightbulb! For the moment our EU dictators are helpless.

  2. Actually, you can make just about any incandescent lamp last 100 years. First, reduce the voltage so that the filament emits only a soft, orange glow. This will significantly reduce the rate of tungsten evaporation (as well as render the lamp essentially useless for illumination purposes). Then, add a slow-start circuit to reduce the inrush current which normally happens when you first turn on the lamp and the filament is cold and low in resistance.

  3. Good comment by #2. What zaps ordinary light bulbs is that the filaments get hit by all that voltage so many times that it fries them. If you leave a light bulb on and basically never turn it off, it should last quite a while, especially if it was made at least 30 years ago (good luck with that one).

    Of course, given the shoddy crap from China infesting this country these days, even under those conditions, I wouldn’t give a light bulb more than 2-3 years tops.

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