Jimmy Carter: the Gift that Keeps on Giving

In these days of youthful experimentation with witchcraft (thank you Ms. O’Donnell),  “homosexual brainwashing” (thank you Mr. Paladino), and flirtations with  the pagan god named “Aqua Buddha” (thank you Mr. Paul), it is refreshing to know that, once again, Jimmy Carter was ahead of the curve.  As Patrick Gavin notes in a piece entitled “Carter’s Weird Science,” former President Carter’s new book reveals that he was “enthralled by and impressed with the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of parapsychology in intelligence gathering.”

Carter’s 1979 diary entry:

“CIA briefing on unhappiness of King Hussein of Jordan [about agreements between Israel and Egypt], Idi Amin’s government about to fall, and that a plane had crashed in Zambia. An American parapsychologist had been able to pinpoint the site of the crash. We’ve had several reports of this parapsychology working; one discovered the map coordinates of a site and accurately described a camouflaged missile test site. Both we and the Soviets use these parapsychologists on occasion to help us with sensitive intelligence matters, and the results are unbelievable.”

His current day reflections:

“The proven results of these exchanges between our intelligence services and parapsychologists raise some of the most intriguing and unanswerable questions of my presidency,” Carter notes in “Diary.” “They defy logic, but the facts are undeniable.”

This is quite a claim given the large number of “intriguing and unanswerable questions” of the Carter presidency.

One can only imagine the phalanx of parapsychologists Carter assigned to trying to discover the coordinates of a successful economic policy mix or tracking the movements of those pesky killer rabbits.

Carter: the gift that keeps on giving



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