2 thoughts on “Chart of the Day

  1. Even more disturbing: a chart on levels of spending in minority school districts and levels of performance. Given (1) the US will be majority minority in the next few decades; (2) we will depend on this future workforce to generate the wealth to fund our massive entitlement commitments, I find it heart-breaking that we are not addressing the failure to educate our future tax payers.

    Some (many) readers of Pileus are conservatives. There is nothing more conservative than nurturing a resource that you are going to need in the future. Even if this issue does not pull at your heart strings, the failure to provide adequate education for the current generation is going to have devastating long-term consequences. This is a resource we should be nurturing, and if we are failing–as we undoubtedly are–there is no greater national priority than to figure out why and make the necessary adjustments.

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