Jumping the Carp

Look how affectionate they are.

At what point does the appointing of federal government “czars” become just one too many? Perhaps when President Obama appoints an Asian carp czar? I know it’s getting bad with these lovable fish (see, for example, the discussion and pictures here), but must every problem get its own czar now?

That last question makes me wonder what other problems czars should be appointed to oversee. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Jumping the Carp

  1. I know the carp are bad, but this seems silly. Why just carp? Why not other invasive species? And honestly, what is a czar going to do that FWS and state wildlife offices aren’t?

  2. I suggest we stop using the word “czar” as if it were an actual job title. The guy’s the head of an interagency coordinating committee, so what?

  3. Bill, most of these “czars” have no oversight from anyone other than the president (who appointed them) and answer to no one other than the president. There is no constitutional authority for them, and thus no constitutional or other antecedent limits on the scope of their authority or power. Moreover, they have billions of dollars at their disposal, and thousands of federal employees answer to them. They therefore have far more power than what is suggested by the milquetoast description “head of an interagency coordinating committee.” That is why they are called “czars” in the first place, and that is why their proliferation into so many areas of life is so worrisome.

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