“In the Long Run, We’re All Dead.”

Democrats heaped praise on the Congressional Budget Office during the health care debates (remember SpeakerPelosi’s  breathless excitement over the “scoring” from the “bipartisan” Congressional Budget Office?).  The CBO’s newest “Long-term Budget Projections” have not engendered the same level of attention…but it should. The report was released about a month ago and my guess is that … Continue reading “In the Long Run, We’re All Dead.”

Who Is John . . . ?

A row has broken out in higher education regarding grants that the BB&T Foundation has made to some institutions, grants that typically require, as a condition of receiving the money, that Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged be assigned in its entirety. The grants apparently do not stipulate what else may or might be taught, nor do … Continue reading Who Is John . . . ?

Exaggerating about exaggerating

Friend and sometime Pileus commenter Damon Linker has a post in the New Republic that left me unsettled.   I have to say that Linker's usually measured conclusions are a tad unhinged. He correctly points out that the historical norm of American journalism is not one of high-minded neutrality, but one of passionate partisanship.  Still, … Continue reading Exaggerating about exaggerating

For Our New Readers – and for loyal ones who may have missed these

Given that we have a lot of new readers out there, I thought it would be useful to post together a few of our most interesting past pieces: 1.  Marc Eisner's fiscal reality check where he explains why our fiscal situation is not going to return to the 1990's again (even with a Republican midterm victory a la 1994). … Continue reading For Our New Readers – and for loyal ones who may have missed these

Who wants a ride on this boat?

OK,  I'm blatantly stealing content here, but the following snip from John Fund in the "Political Diary" newsletter from WSJ.com is too much to pass by: "Let's not get silly here." That was Senator John Kerry's response Friday to questions about his new $7 million yacht, Isabel, which last week was berthed in Rhode Island … Continue reading Who wants a ride on this boat?

Academic Tenure, RIP?

By way of disclosure: I have tenure at a private university. I must admit that I love the job protection, the intellectual freedom, and the lifestyle that are available to tenured professors. But I have a very difficult time making a principled case for retaining tenure as an institution. As we enter a new hiring … Continue reading Academic Tenure, RIP?

We Aren’t Asking for the President to Fly Commercial

This story about Obama's entourage at the 2009 G-20 is evidence of what I was talking about earlier in terms of how our leaders have assembled trappings and habits more appropriate to monarchs.  Indeed, it strikes me as a bit obscene: Obama arrived with 500 staff in tow, including 200 Secret Service agents, a team of six … Continue reading We Aren’t Asking for the President to Fly Commercial