Antonym Contest!

There appears to be no widely accepted antonym for “civil libertarian.” So how about a contest? Please post your suggestions for a new coinage in the comments, and I will select a winner at the end of the day. The winner will receive a free Pileus t-shirt the approbation of the impartial spectator and one’s peers.

8 thoughts on “Antonym Contest!

  1. “Communitarian” seems closest to the antonym of “civil libertarian” if one is looking for a term embraced by others that is not designed as a slur.

  2. So far I’m leaning toward Random Guy’s entry, because I’m looking for a term that sounds at least neutral & is less of a mouthful than “relatively deferential to the police power of the state.” “Communitarian” might fit, since noted spammer Amitai Etzioni, one of the few self-declared communitarians, certainly takes a dim view of privacy & speech rights.

    As far as highfalutin slurs go, I do like “pnyxaphobic.” Had to look “pnyx” to get it.

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