I’m with Rand on This One

Rand Paul, that is:

“Bathroom Bill” passes New York Assembly

The New York Senate and Assembly introduced a bill known as the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) or what many refer to as the “Bathroom Bill.” Senator Duane (D – Manhattan) introduced S2406 in the State Senate, and Assemblyman Gottfried (D – Manhattan) introduced the Assembly version, A5710. The Senate did not move their bill in this legislative session. It awaits action in the Senate Investigations and Government Operations Committee.

The bill defines gender identity or expression as having, or perceived as having, a gender identity, self image, appearance, behavior or expression, whether or not that gender identity, self image, appearance, behavior expression is different from that traditionally associated with the sex assigned to that person at birth. In other words, one’s gender is whatever you feel it is at the present time.

This legislation amends the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act by adding gender identity or expression to that act. If this bill becomes law, one cannot be discriminated against in housing, employment, public accommodations or any other areas of life, because of their perceived gender identity or expression there of. If passed, it would become part of the New York State Hate Crimes Law, which increases penalties when someone covered under hate crimes is the victim of a crime.

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