More (intentional?) British humor

The NY Times is reporting that British Prime Minister David Cameron is forecasting “decades of austerity” because of the swelling deficit in the UK.

What caught my eye about this story is the location of his speech, a town called Milton Keynes.  Does some scheduler in the new Tory government have a sense of humor by locating this speech in a town that references the two greatest macroeconomists of the 20th century, John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman?

One thought on “More (intentional?) British humor

  1. Keynes would have disliked Cameron’s policy views; Friedman would have disliked the massive planning involved in the building of contemporary Milton Keynes (the name goes back to the 15th century village of Milton Keynes from what I can gather) – but would have loved the idea of government austerity.

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