“I Heart You Mr. President!”

David Brooks is so smitten with President Obama I’m starting to wonder what color roses he’ll send the White House on Valentine’s Day.  So, is Brooks becoming the Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. of our age?

5 thoughts on ““I Heart You Mr. President!”

  1. That’s really not true. Brooks is critical of Obama quite often on a range of issues. Just not education policy, where he thinks Obama’s doing a good job. As I suspect you would, too, Grover, if you weren’t committed to taking a sledgehammer to the public schools instead of trying to reform them.

    That was unfair and nasty, but only a little.

    1. I have to agree with Damon here. Obama’s efforts in education as outlined by Brooks are nothing short of a Nixon goes to China moment in education policy. The education unions have had for decades a stranglehold on education policy in all the big states and cities which has been unchallenged — until Obama came along.

      None of this is going to bring about the kind of educational establishment that you or I might find ideal, but these efforts are at least a step in the right direction (as are Cristie’s reform efforts in New Jersey).

      There are domestic “monsters” (to use your favorite quote) as well as foreign ones. And education unions are definitely among the biggest and nastiest of these monsters. And David Brooks is not one of them.

  2. My sword is still firmly in my hands. I hope at some point to bring some data to the debate. Unfortunately, I am mired in work that is certainly less fun than sparring with you but more likely to help with my promotion case!

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