Dog lovers like Jonah Goldberg are not going to like this

Chinese astronauts eat dog in space. 

Hmmm, goulash!

I have never eaten dog and do not see myself doing so anytime soon.  But I have a hard time squaring serious moral opposition to it with my own meat-eating.  Are dogs in a special category because they are a domestic animal (or because, as it is said in Pulp Fiction, dogs have personality)?  But then what about horses?  I think better of horses than I do dogs but still eat horse.  Horse meat is actually quite tasty (I recommmend Hungarian horse goulash, which I had at the wonderful but touristy Goulash Museum in Vienna).  Like the clothing issue raised yesterday, food choices are largely culturally-determined and something we should not legislate (unless the animal in question is an endangered species or the animal rights folks could convince us as a society of the certainty of their argument beyond a doubt). 

 HT: Drudge

3 thoughts on “Dog lovers like Jonah Goldberg are not going to like this

  1. Dogs are different. Dogs were our earliest non-human companions. Before horses, before writing, before Neolithic humans immigrated to Europe, Dogs were buried alongside humans and granted similar burial tokens. Dogs have labored alongside us, fought and hunted with us, shared our meals and beds and adored our children for over 20,000 years. That creates a nexus of emotions that put them in a special class.

    I agree with Grover and don’t advocate a legal prohibition, but people should honor that companionship and that history by not eating (or Michael Vicking) dogs.

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