Thanks, Tyler

On behalf of Pileus, I wanted to thank Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution for introducing us to his readers.  I also wanted to welcome those readers to our blog; I hope you’ll find Pileus to be an interesting addition to your daily blog reading.

As I noted earlier, MR is one of my regular reads and a top 10 blog in my book.

I especially look forward to Tyler and Sven Wilson conversing between the two blogs.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Tyler

  1. Just commenting to let you know that “Marginal Revolution” is not the only site sending readers your way.

    I came here via a post on National Review’s “Phi Beta Cons” blog. The post is titled “A Fine New Blog” and can be found here:

    You might want to ask the post’s author to provide a link as it would be rather helpful.

    Anyway, good luck and congrats on all the publicity. It surely portends rewarding days ahead.

  2. LG3,

    Thanks for letting us know about the PBC post. And thanks for joining us during our first week. I hope you’ll comment on some of our other posts, past or future.


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