Best Blogs? (at least in terms of my revealed preferences)

People sometimes ask me what political blogs I read, either regularly or every so often.  So here are ten (in no particular order):

1.  Reason’s Hit & Run (consistently interesting)

2.  Volokh Conspiracy (gold standard law blog)

3.  Marginal Revolution

4.  The Corner (though unfortunately, it has the largest variance in terms of the quality of posters of any blog I read)

5.  Lawyers, Guns, & Money  (largely for Rob Farley)

6.  Slate (ok, it is really an on-line magazine, but blurry in this case)

7.  The New Republic (see above; especially enjoy reading Damon Linker; their foreign policy stuff is usually nuts)

8.  Foreign Policy (really a magazine with multiple blogs, etc.  Tend to read Drezner and Walt, though they both frustrate me on a regular basis despite being real smart).

9.  American Conservative (for Dan McCarthy)

10.  Will Wilkinson  (only started recently and should have been reading longer)

And here are ten I should read or read more often since they are high quality blogs (and I should really read the non-libertarian ones most):

1.  Yglesias

2.  Econlog (David Henderson and Bryan Caplan are always interesting, so not sure why I haven’t had it in my regular rotation)

3.  Cato’s blog 

4.  Megan McArdle

5.  Monkey Cage

6.  Darwinian Conservatism by Larry Arnhart

7.  Liberty and Power

8.  Brainstorm (The Chronicle of Higher Education’s blog)

9.  Armchair Generalist

10.  Greg Mankiw’s blog

Are there others I should be reading regularly (and remember opportunity cost, please)?  BTW, I read a lot of other blogs scattershot, so I’m reading more widely than these lists suggest.

7 thoughts on “Best Blogs? (at least in terms of my revealed preferences)

  1. Good lists. One I recommend highly is Coordination Problem, formerly the Austrian Economists. It is a blog by mostly GMU-connected Austrian Economists.

  2. Hello !

    May I suggest two blogs by noted science-fiction writers:

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